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Would you like an alternative to the hard plastic clamp for your baby that usually clamps the umbilical cord? Then the cord tie is a good idea!

By default, your baby gets a hard plastic clip that looks very similar to the one you use in the kitchen. You will find one in your maternity package. So this is a hard plastic object, which stays on your baby's belly for days on end. Instead of that, you can also use a cord tie. That is a soft eco cotton string with which the umbilical cord is tightly bound. If your midwife does not know how to make the knot, in the video below I show how easy it is.

Baby Blauwe Navelveter Natuurlijk Geboren HypnoBirthingFirst, it is important to check that the placenta is done pumping the rest of the blood to the baby. Then your baby has all of her / his blood in their body. Now the umbilical cord is ready to be tied off. A clamp is placed on the side of the placenta. On the side of the baby, you will have your own soft, cotton tie with a cute flower. Then someone can cut the umbilical cord. If you find the end of the cord tie a bit long, you can put a new knot at the end without decoration and cut the rest off.

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If the cord tie gets wet you can dry it with a towel or gently with a hair dryer if you want. The baby's nappy must also remain below the cord tie. If your baby is very small, you can cut a part of the diapers in advance where the belly button is. Or you can fold the edge so that the belly button remains free. That is important for closing the belly button anyway. producten Navelveter navelveter knoop informatie verloskundigen chirurgenknoop navelstreng navelklem alternatief zachter beter prettiger

PAY ATTENTION! If you want to make/use your own. It is important that the string is not too thin, then it can cut the umbilical cord. It is also important that it is made from ecological cotton. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all cord ties in web shops.

Our ties are made of ecological cotton from the 'Lana Grossa' brand, the Linea Pura line. Without toxins and super soft for your baby's skin. They are also sterilized and just as safe as a plastic clamp.

With a plastic clamp, things can go wrong, just as well as with a cord tie. This almost never occurs and is easy to solve by applying a second clip or tie. producten Navelveter Navelstreng klopt uitWould you rather read? The knot goes like this: Put on the string around the umbilical cord, and again for extra safety. Now you make an ordinary, flat knot. But before you tighten it, you put the tie through the loop of the knot again, just to be sure. (You now have a surgical knot) Then you pull the knot tight. Pull equally as hard on both sides. On top of that, you put an ordinary flat knot. You're done! Usually, the bellybutton stump falls off faster with the cord tie, than with a plastic clamp. And you can put it in the baby book as your baby's first accessory. 

Marc: "We used your beautiful cord tie. Much better than a clamp in our experience. :)
I can recommend it to anyone, such a beautiful cord tie. ;)

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