HypnoBirthing course

In a group € 350,-

Private € 750,-

Extra class: 110,-

Refreshing course 2x 2 hours € 325,- (If you took my course before: € 300,-)

Often you can get reimbursements from your healthcare insurance.


Moxibustion (Moxa)

45 min. to 1 hour session with instructions to proceed at home: € 75,- including 5 Moxa sticks.

Moxa sticks, 5 for € 10,-



Hypnosis session to:
* Let go of fears
* Process a previous birth
* Help your baby turn from a breech position to an optimal one

>1-hour € 75,- including a script to use at home.


Power Turn-a-Breech Combo

Power combo session Moxa + Hypnosis >2 hours. € 110,-


Cord Tie

€ 4,-

Shipping costs within The Netherlands are 1,95


Head massage spider

€ 75,-


BirthBath including a gift

5 weeks: € 175,-

For people who follow my HypnoBirthing course € 165,- 


CUB birthing stool 

€ 174,95

With my code: 47681 to be ordered through prettymum.nl


Birth wishes/Birthing plan counseling 

1,5 hours including a gift: € 80,-


Personal consult

€ 50,- per hour, starting at 1 hour.


Organizing a Babyshower

Costs depend very much on your wishes and budget. Please call me to see if we can come to an agreement. 06 24 763 444

Take Note: All rates apply to Amsterdam (Within the ring) and are excluding any shipping, travel, or parking costs. They may apply.

Want or need something which isn't listed but you think I can help? Or just have a question? It's always free to contact me and I always love hearing from interested people. 

Payment in terms is usually possible.