Here you can see what birth can also look like, very different from the panicky episodes or horror you see in a lot of FICTION films.

Wendy wanted to have a lot of family around her. She has her own way to relax. Even though she has quite some people around, she knows how to focus on her breath during her surges and how to keep calm and relax. She doesn't experience any pain during the birth process. She does have intense feelings and needs her utmost concentration. She describes this herself. Afterward, she shows her beautiful placenta. (If you don't feel comfortable watching this, make sure to stop the film after the birth. At 14:19.)


With the birth of Sophia in Kuala Lumpur, you see the baby's head emerging calmly. A little while later the whole baby pops out. Calm, relaxed and in peace. The music is a bit intense, but you can hear the live sounds of the room as well. And, let's admit, this is a beautiful birth.


Belle went out for a walk in nature, when the birth process started. You can see how she eats and drinks, how supportive her husband is and how she gets a little freaked out at the end because something funny happens in her birth bath. She wasn't expecting to feel her baby's head between her legs yet! A calm and loving first birth in just over 4 hours. Welcome, Daisy!


A short clip of a fully dilated woman who calmly breathes through her surges. 'What 10 cm dilation looks like'.


A funny TED Talk about the experiences of a woman with HypnoBirthing and a clear explanation of how it works. This is ideal to watch a skeptical partner.


These two women talk about the pro's and con's of HypnoBirthing and how western society deals with birth these days. One lady was very skeptical but gave it a chance anyways. She'd had 4 births before, for her 5th she was looking for something else. She is very happy to share her experience.

And through this link, you can read a very interesting background article from a midwife who has done research and calls to other midwives to only do vaginal examinations on the mother's request. Let the women's body decide on her own when she should let her body push. (Namely when the baby hits a certain spot and triggers this reflex) Very interesting read.


“We believe that every woman has within her the power to call upon her natural instincts
to bring about the best possible birthing for her baby and herself”

- Marie Mongan

Want even more inspiration? I want to invite you to check what people say on Facebook and what it looks like on YouTube yourself! Don't believe me, believe others who have experienced it and your own eyes. The 'mother' website of HypnoBirthing US also has great testimonials.