More and more health insurance companies reimburse mothers their pregnancy courses. Also by HypnoBirthing courses of practitioners who, like me, are a member of HypnoBirthing® Nederland. Check if yours reimburses you, if they don't you can contact me for a basic letter you can adapt and send them. Often you will be reimbursed after all. 

To apply for this, you need to send them my invoice. That's all. Here are a few examples of companies and what their compensations are.

Gezinnen: 200,-
Top: 200,-
Basis: 100,-
Plus: 100,-

Aanvullend goed: 50,-
Aanvullend beter: 75,-
Aanvullend best: 100,-
Gezin Pakket: 150,-

Extra Zorg 1: 50,-
Extra Zorg 2: 50,-
Extra Zorg 3: 75,-
Extra Zorg 4: 100,-

Extra 1: 100,-
Extra 2: 100,-
Extra 3: 100,-
Zorg voor de Zorg: 100,-

Avéro Achmea
AV Start: 50,-
AV Royaal: 50,-
AV Excellent: 75,-

Extra Zorg Polis Beter: 75,-
Extra Zorg Polis Best: 100,-
Gezin Pakket: 150,-

AV Plus: 100,-
AV Top: 100,-

OZF Achmea
AV Compact: 50,-
AV Royaal: 75,-

Zilveren Kruis Zilveren Kruis
AV 2 sterren: 50,-

AV 3 sterren: 50,-
AV 4 sterren: 75,-

Compleetpolis: 25,-
Gezinnenpolis: 75,-
Comfortpolis: 75,-
Comfortpluspolis: 125,-

Delta Lloyd
Comfort: 100% (max. 200,- p. jr.)
Compleet:100% (max. 200,- p. jr.)
Extra:100% (max. 200,- p. jr.)
Start:100% (max. 200,- p. jr.)
Top:100% (max. 200,- p. jr.)

Compleet100% (max. 200,- p. jr.)
Extra Uitgebreid: 100% (max. 200,- p. jr.)
Uitgebreid:100% (max. 200,- p. jr.)

This list is a service and it's by default incomplete and dated. No rights can be derived from it. For the compensation of your insurance, check with them, please.